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Harel Barzilai, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Richard A. Henson School of Science and Technology
Salisbury University
Salisbury, MD, 21801.
Office: 124 Henson Hall*
Phone: (410) 543-6472  
Fax: (410) 548-5559 (Dept)

Email: hxbarzilai at salisbury dot edu
For faster reply: barzilai at gmail
Web: http://barzilai.org

* Floor map of Henson

Info for Students: see Courses section (menu at top of page)

"Staff Appreciation Video (Salisbury) "

Thank YOU back, to all SU's great students!!

  • Youtube videos: Alfie Kohn on math "hands on" versus actually "minds-on" activities. (See also Kohn on Brighter Side of Human Nature
  • Photos from my sabbatical -- workshop I gave for K-12 math teachers - minilecture followed by exploration/groupwork.
                              "When I am Gone" video poem by Al Brenner.

    See Professional Information section for more about my interests and projects.

    Links below were mostly for myself, and (other than DNA computation links) most of them are somewhat defunct

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    Harel Barzilai
  • Archival snapshot at The Geometry Center (UIUC) of my 1997 homepage at Cornell University.